About SYPA
      Skilled Youth Professionals Association(SYPA), owns the complete value chain of Talent Assessment, Skill Enhancement through Training Programs, Certifications.
The programme is highly sensitive to market demand and takes up only those employable trades that are in demand in the local market. The training curriculum is also designed in consultation with the local business establishments and enterprises. This not only ensures a match between the market or industry expectations and the skills of the trainees but also helps them get entry level jobs easily.
On the delivery front, SYPA has a strategic focus on delivering training thorough technology leveraged programs to provide scale and quality.
SYPA plans to develop a model wherein high quality faculty impart training through centralised studios to various centres, through projectors, interspersed pan India, with proctor faculty playing the role of the conduit between the students and the studio, as in a traditional scenario of ‘teacher presence in classroom. The faculty and student will share a two way interaction with the help of hi-tech technological connectivity. SYPA plans to have 40 such centres over 2 years, with a mix of owned and franchisees.
SYPA will continuously strive for tie-ups with recruitment agencies and HRD departments/ heads of industry to generate the best employment opportunities for its students. Affiliations with global brands in vocational and skill development institutions are also on the anvil, with an aim to stay an edge above the rest.
What We Are Doing